New digital technology in orthodontics - WireLocks

New digital technology in orthodontics - WireLocks

Bracket vertical and horizontal slot

Vertical slot - movement technique with rigid fixation; horizontal slot - sliding technique.

New possibilities for moving teeth.

Corpus movement - the result of rigid fixation of the wire in the bracket

Digital planning and production from start to finish

Development of setups taking into account the biomechanics of tooth movement with the support of software intelligence.

Controlled movement of teeth.

Getting the intended result.

Machine bending of wire of any configuration

Specially designed machine: torque angulation, rotation, extrusion, intrusion - bends of any order, loops.

Easy to use. Self-ligating system with spring retainer.

Replacing the arc - 3 minutes.

A specially designed machine bends the orthodontic wire into a spring of the required shape.

The wire spring without additional devices is securely fixed on the locks glued to the teeth and moves the teeth in the required direction.

The shape of the spring wire is planned in a specialized computer program for each stage of treatment.

All springs made on a special machine are sequentially installed on the teeth until the planned result is achieved.

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40% discount for 6 months

30 aesthetic braces in a unique package

Unlimited setups for 6 months

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